US-30 + (2 x US-10) = 50 litres capacity 100% waterproof, Drypack system, universally-fit to any motorcycle.

Easy to fit with quick-release hooks attaching to web loops secured to the bike’s subframe. 

No additional bungees or rain covers required.

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• 100% Waterproof main body. 
• Universal fit to any bike.
• Roll-top closure for total weather protection.
• Side pocket with water resistant YKK® zip.
• Easily removable white liner for washing.
• Padded shoulder strap & waist strap included with the US-30 to convert into a rider pack.

445(h) x 295(w) x 225(d) mm
17.5(h) x 11.6(w) x 8.8(d) ins.

US-10 x 2
330(h) x 220(w) x 125(d) mm
13(h) x 8.7(w) x 4.9(d) ins.

2,200 Grams


28th Jul 2015
These things are amazing
Amazing product. You can drown it underwater it will not take it in. You can drag it on the ground and it won't be scratched.
I feel like this brand is one of the pinnacle-of-technology type ones which doesn't get much air time, and in a selfish way, I think it's better. That way they don't overprice their stuff.
Also... shipped 54 minutes after I ordered it. Never seen anything like it. Can't recommend enough.
Don't take this as an excuse to raise your prices, Kriega.

13th Jun 2014
Fantastic kit
I bought the USCombo50 to go on the back of a 2012 Speed Triple R. I didn't want to put a rack on and with High pipes I couldn't use throw overs. I am really pleased I found this kit. We just did 1500 miles in 8 days, the Kriega gear worked brilliantly. It never shifted when fitted, held everything I needed and kept it all dry even in a biblical deluge.
I'm going to add another 10lt pack to make it a 60 for a 2 week tour so I don't need the tank bag.
I'd definitely buy it.

4th Sep 2013
UScombo50 DryBag
great bags. got soaked through many times and everything inside was bone dry! very easy to use, worth every penny!

12th May 2013
US combo 50 tailpack in France
I just wanted to say thanks to Kriega and that the combo 50 tailback solution worked a treat. I covered nearly 2000 miles in about a week in all kinds of situations and speeds. The pack is superbly stable no matter what you throw at it and best of all is it quick and easy to put on and off the bike once the fitting straps are installed once. Loads of room for gear and clothing too. My only wish would have been a couple more mounting loops for strapping things too. My R35 back pack had to go on the top of the tailpack in the end and it would have been good to have clips and fitting locations installed on the main tailpack so that I could just clip it on. However that is easily solved with a couple of cam straps anyway. I would highly recommend this to anybody thinking of touring or like me just fancy short hops away and want great luggage that is fully waterproof to carry the valuables in. Well done Kriega.