US-20 + (2 x US-10) = 40 litres capacity 100% waterproof, Drypack system, universally-fit to any motorcycle.

Easy to fit with quick-release hooks attaching to web loops secured to the bike’s subframe. 

No additional bungees or rain covers required.

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• 100% Waterproof main body. 
• Universal fit to any bike.
• Roll-top closure for total weather protection.
• Side pocket with water resistant YKK® zip.
• Easily removable white liner for washing.
• Padded shoulder strap & waist strap included with the US-20 to convert into a rider pack.


400(h) x 260(w) x 190(d) mm
15.7(h) x 10.2(w) x 7.5(d) ins.

US-10 x 2
330(h) x 220(w) x 125(d) mm
13(h) x 8.7(w) x 4.9(d) ins.

1,850 Grams


19th Feb 2015
love it
I just love it, from the first time you take it out of the pack, you can feel that it's quality. It fits the bike perfect. I got a Kawasaki Z 750 and they fit perfect. It's easy to fit the loops to have bike and it's easy to take on and off the bike. I haven't tested them on the road yet because it is winter here. But i can't wait to get them tested.

5th May 2014
had my first 6 hour ride through torrential rain with my newly-bought kriega us-40 pack. the pack(s) are excellent, watertight, easy to mount, no hassle whatsoever! great product, recommended!

25th Sep 2013
US Combo 40
Just used this kit for the first time in anger. Normally I prefer hard luggage as my previous soft bags were a bit of a pain to install and remove but once set up right the Kriega pack is really simple. Clip on and ride off!
Had some pretty nasty weather on the journey from North Yorks up to Shetland Isles but everything was bone dry when I arrived. Excellent luggage and well worth the money. My hard panniers will be on a well known internet site shortly, I doubt I'll be using them again.

2nd May 2012
Used my US40 in all the various combinations and always sits rock solid on my Ducati 848. 8hrs riding through heavy all day rain in Germany and Austria and my gear was bone dry. Unlike my mates who didn't have Kriega luggage.
Also have the R25 which is the best and most comfortable rucksack I've ever had.
Well done boys!!

19th Dec 2011
wet ride
i rode down to Spain last July (combo40) in heavy rain on my busa every thing inside was totally dry unlike the thing in my pockets.

21st Jun 2011
I've just returned from a week in France on my 990 Adventure using Kriega US40 and US30 packs on a Black Dog Cycles' rear rack and I'm really very impressed. I own a set of Hepco & Becker Gobi hard luggage but won't be using it again! The Kriega luggage is obviously much lighter, more compact, more central on the bike which kept the handling sweeter at higher speeds. It has also proved to be very stable on the rack and totally waterproof despite several days of riding in very heavy rain for hours at a time.
I'm so impressed that I'll soon be buying a Kriega backpack too!!

14th Jun 2011
Rain master
Rode 130 miles last weekend in constant rain. It was so bad that the rain came through the zip on my Goretex clothing. My boots gave up the ghost and are still wet 2 days on. Possibly the worst condition I've rode in the 30+ years. Expecting all the contents of my US20 & US10 to be equally soaked I was pleasantly surprised to find everything in the waterproof sections to be bone dry. Hopefully I will not give it a better test than that!
Versatility, compactness and ease of use are also great and the nice thing is that when your on the move there's no concept of it being there. Am I sold on the idea? You bet.

7th Sep 2010
Just thought I would let you know that I am really happy with my UScombo40 and R15 luggage set. I ride a Multistrada, and I was never happy with the Ventura rack set up, it hung way out the back, but I couldn't face it forward because it would push against me, and the whole thing used to rock back and forth, so was always expecting something to break. So I bought the Kriega gear and I love it. So well designed and constructed, just reeks quality, and it fits on my bike really well, nice and low and not too wide, and so versatile, with all the possible combinations.....Anyway thanks again, and no doubt I will have people asking me about it, and I won't hesitate to refer them to you.
Greg, Vic, AUS December 2008