Upgrade alloy hooks for (pre-2012) US-10 and US-20 tailpacks or replacement fitting set for US-10, US-20 & US-30 DRYPACKS.  

US-5 requires a different fitting kit also listed here

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Upgrade alloy hook straps for older generation US-10 and 20 packs (standard on post 2012 product). Extra secure sub-frame fitting kit allows tailpack combinations of up to 90-litres. Fitting straps have been designed to fit virtually any style of bike. Particularly suitable for traditional one-piece seats or bolt-on seat-pads/racks.


 NB - Some bikes already have web loops attached to the seat-pad/base. In this case we still recommend the fitting of the Kriega loops, as fitting to the subframe is far stronger than to the seat.

Remove bike seat and locate the best mounting areas on the rear subframe. It may be necessary to slot the internal plastic tray if no subframe metalwork is exposed. Attach the 4x 20mm web loops securely to high strength areas of the frame. The 20mm loops are adjustable in length. Final adjustments should be carried out with the seat/pad fitted. Once set, the web must be threaded back through the adjuster to lock-off the webbing. See the threading diagram on this page. To fit the US-pack, hook on the web loop, attach the top quick-release buckle and cinch down the bag on to the bike. Always use the 2 x strap keepers on the web to manage the loose ends. Please also ensure that the quick-release buckles are correctly 'clicked'


Custom 6061-T6 alloy hooks
Multi-position: inline or across bike seat
Easy on/off bike
No loose straps left on bike
Std. strap length 600mm
4 x Acetal ITW Airloc buckles
4 x 20mm sub-frame loops
10 year guarantee

200.00 Grams



10th May 2016
Us hook straps
These items are easy to fit, they hold my us 20 bag secure and it is easy to release and leave not straps dangling on the bike. Ingenious and functional.

19th Apr 2016
US Hook Straps
I love Kriega stuff… And I'm really grateful they sell spares… I lost a couple of US hook straps, and couldn't use my US20 without buying extra straps. This set also comes with the mounting loops to attach onto the subframe under your seat…My only gripe is that the cost, together with the shipping to outside the UK all come at a price…. Hence 4 stars instead of 5.

14th Apr 2016
Does what it says on the pack
I ordered these as I had lost a couple from my US20. They are well made, and make securing a tail pack much easier, and the construction inspires confidence that it will stay attached.

7th Apr 2016
works fine with older versions of bikepaks
especially US10 and US20. It does what it does, and have to admit, that mounting bags on the bike is much more easier now.
Useful spare parts.

25th Dec 2015
Look well made, description is vague
Haven't tried them yet, but look like they will fit my US20 tailpack.
Description is VERY vague, as with most things on this site it would seem.
I bought a set of subframe loops to use with these, only to find they are included when they arrived.

28th Aug 2015
good gear. quality. well designed. classy. what more can i say?

13th Jul 2015
Wasn't sure yet they work!
I've never connected multiple packs together, yet decided not to use my Kriega rucksack for a trip. wow these are so simple and effective to use. wasn't too sure what to connect them to as my kit is a little older than others yet worked brilliantly!

25th Mar 2015
Even more secure!
Previous set up was used on a 96 blade which had a lovely hinged pillion seat which made the bags very secure. My current ride a zx10r 2008 has a tiny pillion and US20 did not feel very secure. With this kit I now know it is very secure. Straps can be left on when bag not in use and don't look too bad at all. Great upgrade.

19th Jan 2015
strap update pack
these straps are simple and easy to use make loading / unloading when i need bag simple

17th Sep 2014
How do you improve the best?
I didn't think it was possible to 'upgrade' the original US20, but these transform it in a couple of respects:
1) The location around subframe rails is much more secure and you are now holding the pillion seat on, as opposed to relying on it to keep the tailpack in place.
2) Fixing and releasing the pack is even quicker and easier than it was before.
Outstanding, but I agree with others that the price smells a bit of 'captive market'!

16th Sep 2014
Great upgrade to the old bag-tad expensive
I have a few kriega products and brought the hook straps to upgrade one of my us20 bags. All very good but I think a little expensive to upgrade a kriega bag plus the postage (but I upgraded non the less).

20th Nov 2013
Great product
Great design, well thought out in every way, but £20 plus. It's a bit much. Great job guys, love the work.

18th Jul 2013
alloy hooks for (pre-2012) US10 and US20 tailpacks
Good quality but quite expensive for a strap. I only needed one but had to buy a pack of 4 for £20. That will teach me to be more careful in future.

29th May 2013
Always excellent
Bought another set of straps for one of my many bike packs. The Kriega gear is really superb. Recently bought an R30 rucksack which is excellent. It would be good if the smaller rucksacks were also 100% waterproof - perhaps in the future?

1st May 2013
US 20 & 10 made better?
Adding the US 10&20 together under the rear seat pad never failed but it was a bind to release and attach especially touring. These hooks and loops make it simple and don't look out of place left on the bike. Takes seconds to put the bags back in place.

5th Dec 2012
Easy on: easy off.
The hook straps remain on the bike and the drybag unhooks easily and quickly and can be reattached in the same way. Stable at speeds in excess of the national limit.

20th Aug 2012
Making Life Easy!
Having used US10 and US20 packs for around a year, i found i was starting to rely in my R30 rucksack instead as it was a pain to keep taking seat off to fit straps. The US Hooks have change this now and since fitted, i am back to using packs rather than rucksack! Great news for all new customers as these now come as standard.

10th Jul 2012
Very Good product
Straps work great. Bike looks much better without straps left on and also piece of mind when leaving in busy place that they won't be tampered with.
Wish they loop straps were black not beige though and the straps struggled a bit with a very lightly packed US10. Also think they should be standard.
All in all very good and glad I bought them.

6th Jun 2012
Great extra flexibility
Fitting luggage to a pillion seat or a rack can be awkward, but the US hook straps give you maximum flexibility. They are very easy to fit, and hold the load well. You can also use them like the standard straps - by unclipping them from the bag and leaving the whole strap on the bike - but with the hooks you can also remove most of the strap too if you wish. Very useful when you want to go somewhere without the bag.

17th Mar 2011
Great made better
I love my US-10's and US-20's, but to add the hook straps instantly made them better. Quicker and easier to fit to the bike, and much stronger too. Great idea, works flawlessly.