100% waterproof with enough carrying capacity for a 17” laptop plus other everyday commuter needs, such as a camera, waterproofs, water bottle etc. 

Padded reversible shoulder strap for left and right carry. Quick and easy strap adjustment with Kriega’s signature T6 alloy web tensioner. Easy on and off over a helmet and access the bag contents whilst wearing.

Optional waist strap for extra pack stability when riding.

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Main body has 16 litre capacity with roll-top fastening
and a white liner which can easily be removed for cleaning.

Easy access side pocket with YKK® water
resistant zip, ideal for water bottles, gloves etc.

Inside flap mesh pocket with YKK® zip, 
designed for magazines, maps, cables etc.

Loops to fit additional US-5 Drypacks.


Tough Hypalon construction.
1000D Cordura® on base and harness.
420D nylon rip-stop: Lightweight, yet extremely strong.
Black anodised 6061-T6 alloy web tensioner. 
Acetal 25mm quick-release buckles.

320(h) x 400(w) x 125(d) mm
12.6(h) x 15.7(w) x 4.9(d) ins.

16-litres (980cu in) capacity.

1,350 Grams


The masters of motorcycle luggage design


24th Jun 2016
Excellent, flexible, bag
Typical Kriega high quality. I have 5 or 6 Kriega bags and have ridden across the continent with them without problems. This is no exception and is quickly becoming my most used day bag for short rides to and from town.

21st Jun 2016
Strong and stylish
Excellent piece of kit as you would expect from Kriega. Good useful capacity, easily holds my waterproofs, tool kit and lunchbox - far more useful and comfortable than my old rucksack.

15th Jun 2016
Good messenger bag for all weathers
I needed more space on my bike so moved my laptop to a messenger bag from the top box.
Haven't looked back so far, holds the weight in the middle of your back which suits me fine. Looks neat and holds a lot of kit.
I also put on the US5 optional pockets to hold even more stuff.
Its high quality and functional. I like it...

29th Apr 2016
Great quality, easy to carry, and it doesn't slip while riding.
Need small pockets inside the pouch for small objects like keys, glasses, pens etc.

14th Mar 2016
Good quality
The quality is good. The volume a bit low. Bag needs more compartments.

31st Dec 2015
My husband is so pleased with this bag: light, practical, waterproof, full of useful pockets and nooks and crannies and very comfortable to wear and use. Well done!

14th Nov 2015
2 things and it would be perfect
I bought the bag to carry on my motorcycle to and fro work. I teach, so have a number of files to carry.
First point - the 'mouth' of the bag rolls then buckles to its self. Rather than buckle to side of bag (like the mouth buckle on the US-5) this restricts the volume at the top of the bag. (scrunches it up).
Second point - i would have liked a better handle on the top -little bit more brief case handle.
Otherwise an excellent bag - the wife is going to buy one for her bike!

28th Sep 2015
Almost perfect
I bought this bag to carry my camera gear while both on a bike and travelling. The bag has more than enough room to carry all the bits that I need, including tripod, and keeps everything dry with its waterproof lining. Even when loaded with gear the bag feels almost weightless. My only issue is the overall size. The bag and strap is a little on the large size for me. It would be great to have a smaller version for females and those of a smaller stature.
A feature I would love to see on this bag is the ability to attach it to my drybag.

14th Sep 2015
Commuter Carry All bar none
I ride all year round, 12 miles a day, five days a week. Either by bicycle or motorcycle; in which event the trip is 160 miles round trip. I've gone through ruck sacks every two years through wear and tear. Winters result in packing valuables in plastic bags, summers in carrying changes of clothes in addition to folders, lap tops and all the other bits and pieces. This bag is built to last, taped zip for handy access, waterproof and roll topped for extra security. I'd like and internal zip pocket for headphones and keys. iPad and Laptop sit inside happily (albeit in sleeves). Strap system is effective and well engineered, works a treat. Value for money without doubt.

9th Sep 2015
Typical Kriega Quality
I've been using 'other' messenger bags as I cycle as well as motorcycle, and as I'm a long time Kriega user (still have my Krug R35) I snapped one up as soon as I saw this. Typical Kriega quality, does exactly what it say on the tin with no unnecessary bits and bobs you never use. Strap design and positioning looks a bit odd at first but works well, and the materials stop hold everything in place. You can stuff a fair bit more in it than you think and It's straight away became my general go - to bag in less than a week. Top Job.

8th Sep 2015
Great quality -- but heavy ....
Put two US-5 drybags together with my new Urban messenger bag. It's super quality, well-made, and looks good. But, it's fairly weighty. As a female motorcyclist (who is not so large), it'd be great to have something a bit more light-weight ... .

28th Aug 2015
Best Messenger bag for bikers
Does everything you want a messenger bag to do and takes care of the problems messenger bags give when your on the bike. Genuinely impressed by this bit ok kit - you can tell they ride. Kriega are the real deal.

20th Aug 2015
Not your average messenger bag
As I've come to expect from Kriega products, this bag is very high quality, functional and has been carefully designed with motorcyclists in mind.
The position & shape of the strap and the materials used mean that it doesn't slip around whilst riding like many other messenger bags would, and that it's also very comfortable. I've ridden 150 miles with a laptop and some heavy peripherals in this bag and didn't really notice it was there. There is an optional waist strap which, to be honest, looks like a bit of an afterthought, but I don't use it anyway and have no problems with the bag moving around even on a windy motorway at high speed.
Because of the way the strap attaches to the bag (opposite corners) and the roll-top, this doesn't quite look like your average 'fashion' messenger bag, but it does look much more 'normal' than the R25 - I feel more comfortable taking this into business meetings.
Bottom line: great product with the usual Kriega quality - strongly recommended.

18th Aug 2015
awesome piece of kit
As I said, it's an awesome piece of kit, has already become my go to bag! Has been baptised in heavy rain. An not a piece got through...
Can't compliment it enough :)

3rd Aug 2015
Just ideal...
I received my new Urban last week and it has already replaced my R15 as my go-to bag for commuting to work. I really like the two main sections, particularly the side zip section which can hold all my paperwork and a Kube organiser with my keys, phone and wallet.

21st Jul 2015
Another high quality Kriega Product
I own a number of Kriega products already and was very interested in getting something for carrying my laptop and charger without needing my R25 or R30
I already have the Laptop Sleeve and it fits my 15.6" laptop perfectly, sleeve plus laptop fits easily into main body of the Urban which is roll top and waterproof liner with plenty of room for notebooks and my lunch. The power supply, mouse and cables all easily fit into the front waterproof zip pocket. It also works with my Kube pocket and could be expanded with a pair of US5's on the front so potentially could be a flight bag for a longer trip too.
Typical robust Kriega construction, beautifully designed and great weight distribution that holds flat to my back. Easy to adjust straps makes it simple to put on and remove.
Highly highly recommended, even for people like me who have a number of other products in the range - this perfectly fits the middle ground between the waistpacks and the more classic rucksacks.

15th Jul 2015
great messenger style bag
I wanted a bag that put the load square on my back - as other messenger bags seem to sit at an angle and become uncomfortable quickly
The urban does this brilliantly - put my laptop in - with charger and a large book and was able to go round all day with no discomfort
thoroughly recommend it

13th Jul 2015
I gave in to temptation
Told myself I have enough Kriega bags but I had to have the Urban.
Says 16 litres, but you won't believe how much stuff I can get in there. (about the same if not more than the R20).
Bag doesn't go all over the place and stays "glued" to me. And even with weight the strap doesn't put a strain on your shoulder to make it lop-sided.