Serious adventure motorcycle travel demands serious adventure luggage. We believe our OVERLANDER-SYSTEM sets a new standard.



We have always had a background in ‘adventure motorcycling’ and launched the original Kriega Overlander-30 and 60 in 2009. The popular Overlander-30 works well because it’s a frameless solution that fits most off-road / dual sport bikes and still remains in the range today. However the Overlander-60 will no longer be in the range for 2017. The concept of having a flexible system to mount Overlander-15 packs or Rotopax™ fuel/water containers in various combinations to suit your trip type is a good one. But in use it proved complex to remove the luggage from the bike.

We knew there had to be a better solution...



We sat down with some of the leading experts in the field of ‘adventure motorcycling’ including world renowned Chris Scott, author of the ‘Adventure Motorcyclists Handbook’ and Mondo Enduro’s Austin Vince and asked a simple question: ”what do you want from your motorcycle luggage”?

The answer was always the same, it must be soft and take the knocks, lightweight and compact, guaranteed waterproof/dust proof but most of all, it must be easy to get on and off the bike. Especially after a long day in the saddle the last thing you want to do is wrestle with your luggage.


Over the next year we developed the new OVERLANDER-SYSTEM or OS for short.

The core of which is the OS-32 soft pannier with a structured box shape for easy packing, with a 100% waterproof roll-top closure and a removable white liner. Mounting and dismounting takes less than a minute with two quick release straps and buckles. The same straps compress the pack firmly in position, no extra tie-down straps are required. Constructed from the highest quality materials including ultra-abrasion resistant Hypalon™ + 1000D Cordura®, with Kevlar® webbing and aircraft grade alloy buckles.

With two easy fit options, either the traditional 'over the seat' saddlebag method using OS-STRAPS, or as a single pannier by hooking-on to a specially designed OS-PLATFORM. The PLATFORM is permanently mounted to the bike, with specific fitting kits made for the most popular pannier frames.

Other products in the OS range include 3 sizes of ADVENTURE PACKS 6, 12 and 18 litres. These are based on our very popular US-Drypacks but re-designed for riding in the most demanding of environments, with heavy duty cam buckles, a semi-rigid base and the use of Hypalon™ + 1000D Cordura® . These packs can be directly mounted using the integrated hook loops or as a multi-pack storage system when hooked onto the OS-32 pannier.

To complete the range we have added OS-CAM STRAPS, OS-RACK LOOPS and New ROTOPAX™ sizes. So you can tailor your luggage system to match your adventure.

Good job Kriega - a well thought out bit of kit.


We then sent prototypes of the OS-32 and the OS-ADVENTURE PACKS out to all corners of the world to be tested by intrepid riders. From Wales to the French Pyrenees, from the deserts in Africa to the jungles of Mexico. So far the feedback has been very positive and we are now confident to bring these products to the market. We are also committed to long term testing program over the next 2 years. Read all the latest feedback here...





The NEW OS-BASE is the latest addition to the range. An innovative modular pannier system that fits virtually any trail, enduro or dual sport bike without the need for metal pannier frames.

The OS-BASE is an 'over the seat harness' which allows OS-6, OS-12 or OS-18 ADVENTURE PACKS to be mounted as panniers.

The modular design enables you to modify your luggage set-up to suit your ride - from a day’s single track to longer adventure trips.

By adding an additional OS-ADVENTURE PACK as a top bag, you have a possible 100% waterproof, highly durable carrying capacity of up to 54 litres.

The flexible design of the OS-BASE also enables you to mount earlier model Overlander 15 packs as panniers, US-DRYPACKS as top bags and includes ‘Loop Mounts' to attach a tent or sleeping mat.

After the initial set-up, it’s quick and easy to put on and take off and the heavy-duty hypalon construction with a semi rigid polypropylene core is very stable and lightweight.

The unique OS-RACK LOOP mounting system,* provides a very tough and reliable solution to the demands of off-road luggage carrying. 

*Includes 2 x OS-RACK LOOPS which require 2 x 6mm holes drilled in the rear fender for fitting.






For 2019 we have updated the OS-PLATFORM with a 3rd generation design.  They are now engineered from virtually indestructible Nylon-6, which makes them 30% lighter, stronger and with more pannier frame fitting options including SW-Motech PRO frames and a BMW GS Adventure frames.

Each OS-PLATFORM It is CNC machined in the UK with optional attachment points for mounting a single OS- SOFT PANNIER or single 1.75 Rotopax fuel or water container.


Mount an OS-6 or OS-12 ADVENTURE PACK with a single or double 1 gallon Rotopax fuel or water container. Enabling you to build your ideal luggage solution to suit your adventure.

Another NEW addition for 2019, the OS-22 soft pannier has all the same design features as the OS-32 soft pannier except for a 40mm slimmer profile. Designed to pair up with an OS-32 for bikes with off-centre pannier frames or to be used as a pair of OS-22s if you just desire a narrow profile to your bike.