The first harness (1999) designed was named QUADLOC due to 4-point, X-style design. A Quadloc LITE(2002) version followed on the smaller backpacks (below 20-litres).  Both designs were never really developed as an ‘active’ solution. They were designed with a different look at weight transfer and under-arm restriction.  It’s not a good idea to have a large cantilever style hip wing for load transfer as it gets in the way of the petrol tank and a conventional shoulder harness (even with chest strap) tends to cut the circulation off to the rider’s arms (bulky leathers + riding ‘crouch’ position). Another problem well known to bikers is the backpack ‘belly dance’ …. A conventional outdoor style harness is very difficult to put on with leathers/armour on. Sometimes you need another rider to hook the second shoulder strap on… not very cool getting someone else to dress you.


The concept was grounded in the idea of a ‘mega’ chest strap to prevent the harness cutting under the arms and to transfer load away from the shoulders on to the chest. Plus a parachute style entry to make it easy to get on (pref. without your mum to help). This load transfer area on the first pack design (R35) was very big… full chest with an unconventional zip entry. We still manufacture this first design (design tweeks in 2014) as our heavy load, long distance backpack. At the time it really was a revelation in packs for bikers… no shoulder/neck ache, super stable at speed and easy to get on/off (no strap adjustment each time).  The first batch of product was virtually embraced by all of the motorcycle press/magazine riders in the UK, which along with positive word of mouth from the early adopters set us as the benchmark brand for riding packs.


There are now 3 variants of the original QUADLOC harness. They’re basically smaller solutions as the pack size/load decreases. The R20 harness as reviewed on Carryology has the Quadloc LITE version, which although looking quite conventional has had a fair amount of design development, from the adjustment system (strap length) to the ‘structural’ shoulder straps (no distortion of shape, however tightly they are adjusted, for unrestricted arms).  Quite a few customers ride MTB or are involved in snow sports and the LITE version of the harness works very well for any type of active riding, motorbike, cycle or board. But as a brand we have no plans to diversify into other markets, as we’re a motorcycle company to the core and that’s what drives us. (If we ever did another market we would create another brand).