The innovative 100% Waterproof tail pack system, Kriega Drypacks universally-fit to any motorcycle and range from 5 to 30 litres capacity.

Used individually or hooked together in various combinations to form modular luggage systems up to 90 litres.

Easy to fit with quick-release hooks attaching to web loops secured to the bike’s subframe. 

No additional bungees or rain covers required.

Also use as a tank bag, with the addition of a Kriega TANK Converter. (sold separately)

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• 100% Waterproof main body. 
• Universal fit to any bike.
• Roll-top closure for total weather protection.
• Side pocket with water resistant YKK® zip.
• Easily removable white liner for washing.
• Shoulder strap & waist strap included to convert into a rider pack.
• Add to other US-Drypacks to create a modular luggage system.
• Hook-on to any Kriega Backpack for extra waterproof storage.
• Convert to a Tank Bag with a Kriega TANK


SUBFRAME LOOPS are supplied with all US Drypacks which work perfectly for most bikes, however some of the latest bikes do not have a visible subframe to mount them to. Therefore Kriega have produced a range of fitting kits to provide hook-on points for the following bikes:



400(h) x 260(w) x 190(d) mm
15.7(h) x 10.2(w) x 7.5(d) ins.

20-litre (1200cu in)

850 Grams


This flexible bag has become my most-used piece of luggage


24th May 2016
excellent non permanent luggage system
Not only is the US-20 dry-pack ideal for commuting, I am going to add to it with additional dry packs for touring.
A fantastic product and it's British!

26th Apr 2016
best luggage system. you will ever use on a motorcycle
I have used Kriega luggage systems for many years now, on all kinds of adventures and it is top quality and so easy to add to.
Any one who makes a purchase will be happy with a great range of products made by motorcyclist for motorcyclist
I use Kriega US40 system & Rucksack
Thanks Kriega

13th Apr 2016
Predictably great
The latest acquisition to my "all things Kriega" and disappointingly so, it's just as damned fine as everything else. Actually seems to be better made than my faultless smaller version. Top marks chaps/chapesses

14th Feb 2016
Used it this weekend on the Dragon Rally, performed faultlessly all weekend.

2nd Nov 2015
Fantastic bag needs handling!
Between us, we now have 2 x US 10's, 2 x US 20's and 1 x US 30!
We think these bags are brilliant!
However, as a very petite person, the shoulder strap is too long for me and so an integral short shoulder strap would be brilliant especially for the mad dash from parking in the ferry and up the stairs! Also could you possibly incorporate a concertina fold into the side of the small stash area to prevent things like lipsticks and mascara from rolling out? You do realise that women are the largest growing part of motorbiking don't you??? When you do this, you could send me a free US 20 too!!! Big smiley face!

13th Oct 2015
US-20 Drybag
Not had the chance to us it yet, but I recently visited Holland and my friends gad Kriega luggage in various combinations, I was using a Givi 60 lt saddle type bag I purchased just for this trip and realised very quickly it was to big and impractical, first thing I did when I got home was sell it; I was sold on the quality, practicality and feedback off the lads what a great system the Kriega is - I am now looking to add 2 x 10 lt bags and a waist belt/bag for my phone and wallet, I know I wont be disappointed with my kit also its going to last for many years, so great value in the long term.

15th Aug 2015
A great trip mate!!
Great bag! Everything fits! Excellent fasten system to the bike.
You have fulfilled your promise in regards of delivery time which is a very important factor for me.
An improvement proposal: the paper instructions coming with the product could be better explained and more complete.
General opinion of the product is: excellent.

20th Jul 2015
Superb kit
Bough two of these bags and also a tank bag adapter for a recent trip to France.
Excellent kit that kept everything dry as a bone. Simple to fit to my Street Triple and simple to use.
My only faults were the sticky pads on the tank adapter didn't hold to the tank - this may have been due to the very high temperatures melting the glue causing them to move, solved with some superglue!
For the bags - two possible improvements.
A carry handle for ease when carrying them into a hotel rather than having to attach the carrying straps.
A clear pocket on the top for a map when using as a tank bag.
Overall I was really happy with the performance of the kit and would highly recommend.

6th Jul 2015
Well made easy fit, competitive price.
I have several Kriega products, for quality and ease of use, at a competitive price, and innovative designs I would always use Kriega.

2nd Jul 2015
us 20
Recent trip Bristol to London. I used rucksack for my stuff. Back aching on return journey . So I have brought and fitted us 20 to my CCF1000. Easy fitting. Quality product

18th May 2015
Top Gear
Super easy to fit on my BMW S1000RR just use the lugs you have under your rear seat unit to attach the US-20 DryBag. I've managed to get my 500GSM sleeping bag into it.
I also have the R25 Backpack, you could attach the dry bag to it if you wanted.

14th Apr 2015
Exactly what you expect from Kriega US20
as always the quality, design are second to none. This is the third bag purchased now & is a great addition to the US10 & US5.

23rd Feb 2015
excellent quality
I'd been making do with a cheap backpack and a cargo net but had some issues with stuff moving about in the cargo net. After reading some good reviews I decided to treat myself to a Kriega US20. I was not disappointed and their good reputation is well deserved.
The bag just oozes quality, the materials and construction appear top notch. I have no doubt that it will provide many years of service. Fitted very easily to my SV650 and absolutely does not move once fastened. The 20 carries plenty for now but for longer trips I can see myself coming back and getting a 10 to go with it.
No hesitation in recommending.

4th Sep 2014
Standard Kriega Excellence
I had a US10 and a US30 already, I use them all the time on my R6. The 10 is excellent for a weekend jaunt, the 30 for a couple of weeks away, but I have a 5 day trip coming up, so I bought the 20 as it'll be the perfect size for a week or so trip.
If this product is as good as their others (I have no reason to believe it won't be) then it'll be simply flawless. I've ridden through the tail end of a hurricane with a US30+10 combo on the back of the bike and everything stayed utterly dry and in place (except me, despite my waterproofs).
If you're looking at the price and thinking it's too much, ask whether wet gear, insecure luggage and little or no warranty are worth saving a few quid for. I've been down that road and here I am at - that should tell you all you need to know...
I've done a lot of touring on a lot of bikes and have come to the conclusion that other than hard luggage, there simply isn't a better product for carrying stuff on a bike. Seriously, it's that good.

22nd Jul 2014
Excellent bit of kit
I have purchased Kriega stuff in the past and have always highly rated them. One of my friends suggested doing a bit of a bike tour over the summer so I bought the US20 plus a couple of US10 DryBags for a 9 day trip around Europe. As I ride a GSXR I needed something that I could fit on the back of the bike without drilling holes in the plastics to mount a topbox. The bags themselves are really roomy and have a waterproof bag attached on the inside as well as waterproof zips and grippy bases. The strap system took minutes to fit under the pillion seat and then everything straps together really quickly. The quality of the bags is top notch with all zips, straps and plastic fittings made of sturdy stuff. I have no issues with tightening everything down as I know that it won't budge even when I am giving it the beans down the autobahns! Yes they are pricey (and I had to wait a few days for Kriega to get more stock available) but they are well worth it. I cannot recommend these enough!

11th Jul 2014
A friend has one of these US20's which he's taken across Europe in very wet weather, and highly recommended it. So, I had to buy myself one! Fantastic quality, and worth every penny. It was very simple to install to the frame under the rear cowl of my daytona using the provided closed-loop straps, and I'm looking forward to using it for my next trip! Might even add the US10's in the future. Would always recommend these to other riders if they asked.

17th Jun 2014
Excellent piece of kit
I bought the us20 primarily for carrying lunch etc on the bike commuting to work, and for this role it's excellent. Just the right size, easily packed and secure on the bike. I'm just back from an eight day tour to the alps and used the kriega in addition to hard panniers. During the trip we had one full day of rain and a second day of torrential downpours. The bag didn't let a drop of rain or even dampness in. All in all an excellent piece of kit.

24th Apr 2014
Great bit of kit
Bag is of high quality and easy to fit. I managed to get all of my weekend clothes and kit into this bag which was brilliant- fully recommend

8th Apr 2014
first kriega bag
What can i say that hasn't been said, build quality superb, fitting straps to subframe was a doddle, us20 has stacks of room inside for a weekend away.
I got it a week a go and hasn't been if the bike. Im going to get the us10 to go with it as will be better to put things from pockets etc and bits and pieces.
Ive never done a review before but genuinely that impressed i wanted to do one. If your unsure just go for it, you wont be disappointed.

4th Nov 2013
Simply Awesome
Without doubt the best kit around. I rode for over 400 miles in torrential rain last week, and everything inside was still bone dry. The outer pocket also kept my phone and wallet etc nice and dry.
The only thing I would say is still use a 'wonderweb' underneath it 'IF' it is in contact with paintwork to stop any debris that comes in between the bag a fairing rubbing, the bag itself has a non slip underside. My tail end got marked due to the bag overshooting the pillion seat and resting against the paintwork, combined with tight tension on the straps it has left slight indentations on the plastic fairing, but this was my fault, I should have cushioned that section, and fireblade seat aren't that long really!
I also own the R30 and an R3 again both superb products.
Customer for life.