ROTOPAX™ FUEL PACK - 1 US Gallon / 3.8 Litres

ROTOPAX™ FUEL PACK - 1 US Gallon / 3.8 Litres


RotopaX™ Fuel Packs are rotationally moulded for superior strength and a leak-proof design that puts to shame traditional blow-moulded carriers. 

RotopaX™ have solid thick walls and extra threads with a sure-seal gasket, guaranteeing it will not leak or vibrate loose.  The rotational moulded design strengthens construction and is made from colourfast materials, so they’re less prone to fading or wearing out. 

Combine with RotopaX™ Pack Mounts for a tight and secure attachment. The unique design of the packs and the mounts allows them to be stacked on top of the other for a lockable secure fit, even in the bumpiest of conditions.


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  • ECO Spout turns around and stores inside of the fuel pack and does not allow fuel to dispense until light pressure is applied against the tank being filled

  • Rotationally moulded for increased strength and colourfast, leak-proof use

  • Solid thick walls and extra threads with a sure-seal gasket guarantee it will not leak or vibrate loose

  • Exclusive modular system design allows for flexible customization between multiple packs

  • Utilizes RotopaX™ mounting system sold separately


370(h) x 265(w) x 75(d) mm
14.6(h) x 10.4(w) x 2.9(d) ins.

940g / 33oz



3rd Sep 2014
got 2 of the 1 gallon cells and i filed on up with nearly 5 litters of petrol….they are tuff, not ridiculously heavy, they fit the treat in mi overland 30. No leaks or smells, easy to operate.

25th Jun 2012
Small tank, Need fuel
Fitted in a US-10 pack on top of my US-20 pack as I needed more fuel for a trip around the Pyrenees on a Hypermotard. Never a drop leaked, no smell and really compact. If you need more fuel on a trip, take this along. 'Nuff said!