1 gallon (3.8L) Rotopax portable fuel container.

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Rotopax are the highest quality packs on the market and are guaranteed to be leak free. Rotopax feature extra threads, thick walls, and a sure-seal gasket that even prevents the spout vibrating loose. WARNING: only store product as specified on the container (never store water in a fuel pack). Kriega sells single 1 gallon(3.8L) containers and a combination fitting hardware set up to mount 2 x packs (deluxe mount + pack mount extension). All other component parts are available from Rotopax direct.


Rotopax pack mounts are milled from solid aluminium then anodized black. They use a 5/16" steel threaded insert (Helicoil) in the base and connect to the ADV. platform via 4 x M6 bolts. Kriega supplies a twin can mount set up which is the Deluxe mount combined with the pack extension mount (lockable versions are available from Rotopax direct). The Deluxe mount is a unique design that adds strength and provides extra tightening power over the standard mounting handle

(see Rotopax mount-kit for more info).

2 Gallons

Standard mount hardware is for a 2 x can set up, combined with a Overlander-15 luggage pack. This provides 2 gallons (7.6L) of fuel on one ADV. platform.

4 Gallons

The ADV platform can accept 2 x mount hardware set ups to provide 4 x 1 gallon containers(15.2L) of fuel per side.


Low weight - 1kg (single can)
Integrated fuel spout.

370(h) x 265(w) x 75(d) mm
14.6(h) x 10.4(w) x 2.9(d) ins.

2,300 Grams


3rd Sep 2014
got 2 of the 1 gallon cells and i filed on up with nearly 5 litters of petrol….they are tuff, not ridiculously heavy, they fit the treat in mi overland 30. No leaks or smells, easy to operate.

25th Jun 2012
Small tank, Need fuel
Fitted in a US-10 pack on top of my US-20 pack as I needed more fuel for a trip around the Pyrenees on a Hypermotard. Never a drop leaked, no smell and really compact. If you need more fuel on a trip, take this along. 'Nuff said!